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A Safe Drug Alcohol Detox Center South Florida

If you worry and are in fear of the misery and pain of withdrawal symptoms, you’ve come to the right place. Our easy drug alcohol center located in South Florida offers a safe detox process. Stop the suffering and pick up the phone today and call 855-887-6233 get you into detox today!

Detox Comfortably In South Florida With Professional Help!

For too long, those who have struggled with the disease of addiction in South Florida were forced to suffer through the horrible pain of withdrawal symptoms behind closed doors. The facilities that were offered to us for detox were in hospitals and we were given little to no therapy. Our detoxification center’s mission is to provide phenomenal care and service to all of our clients. With the recent advances in medicine, combined with masterful detailing of the detox process, our facility has put together a revolutionary detox program. We have what we call our “Easy Detox™” program. Our program is called such because it is both easy to understand and complete. We have seen that when other facilities try to rid you of your chemical dependency they are actually ending your dependency by replacing it with a new dependency. With our Easy Detox™ we are successfully ridding your body of all toxins whilst providing you with the optimal care to start a new life free of all substances. While undergoing detoxification in our beautiful facility we ensure that you will go through little or no physical pain.

Begin Your Recovery Journey today in Sunny South Florida

Many people have tried to suffer through detoxification at home or in a state funded facility and they understand how horrible withdrawal can be. When you are in our drug and alcohol detoxification center we provide you with a lovely residential setting. This is quite different than the norm which is a hospital setting with minimal external communication. We have been told that we are the “premier detox and rehab facility in [our area].” We have achieved this by providing comprehensive treatment in a safe and comfortable setting to all who seek help through our facility. Detox is a vital part of your recovery because it is the foundation that your treatment is built on. We are here to provide you with a pain-free introduction to the fruitful world of long-term recovery. Please call 561-569-2344 for more information on our drug and alcohol detoxification program.