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Drug And Alcohol Behavioral Health South Florida

We are setting a new standard for South Florida. We focus on addiction, detox,  rehabilitation and treatment of those suffering from alcohol, substance abuse and behavioral heath issues. We concentrate on  healing the body, mind and spirit of our clients. Our goal is recovery with compassion, respect and unconditional regard for privacy and dignity.

Rest, relaxation, and focus are key to successful recovery. Our facilities are designed to provide the setting that our clients need to achieve a lasting recovery. Call us at 855-887-6233 and let us help you “stop the madness of drug and alcohol addiction”

We are a top rated caring alcohol and drug addiction treatment integrating traditional holistic methods with progressive therapies including golf and equine programs. Our vision is to help all those we touch find the path to their true inner potential by providing them with a nurturing physical and emotional environment to support and enrich their journey.

Our philosophy emphasizes personal growth and healing, with a strong foundation to prevent relapse.