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A Treatment Solution In South Florida

At Drug Alcohol Treatment Solutions of South Florida we maintain a philosophy which incorporates many of the core spiritual principles, essential for the addict and/or alcoholic to experience the gifts of long term sobriety

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Empowering Our Clients

Our clients will be provided the life skills necessary to confront, and work through the day to day challenges they experience in early recovery.

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An Simple Recovery

Our goal is for you to build the confidence and security in yourself to make healthy decisions in the face of addiction for the rest of your life.

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Whatever It Takes

We are committed to going the extra mile. We draw from many treatment styles varying from traditional therapies to new age approaches.

Addiction Treatment In South Florida That Works

We understand that recovery is a lifelong journey and that you have to develop a variety of tools to defend against relapse. We are dedicated to fostering a strong belief that you can, and will, overcome the challenges of addiction.

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At Drug Alcohol Treatment Solutions of South Florida we understand that drug and alcohol addiction, coupled with possible mental health issues, are serious problems within our community, and society as a whole. Our clinical team not only believes in the education of addiction as a disease, but also exploring the probability of mental health concerns that may need to be diagnosed. Every client here at Sobriety Now is truly treated as an individual and provided with a treatment program specific to their needs so they may have success in achieving long term sobriety. We also provide interactive classes on building and developing life skills to increase responsibility and productivity in social settings, relationships, and careers. Our goal is to deliver a powerful and engaging message of hope to anyone suffering from addiction or mental health issues.

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South Florida Help After Drug Alcohol Detox

After leaving any South Florida Drug and Alcohol Detox, some people find it hard to return to their old activities. It will help to view this transition as an opportunity to re-shape oneself. Although it may be difficult, taking control is the key to recovery. Establish a Routine Many people find a routine to be […]

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Teen Drug Alcohol Abuse Solutions For Parents

Teens of all types abuse drugs and alcohol, no matter how well they’re doing in school or how healthy of a relationship they have with their parents. While finding out that a teen has been drinking or using drugs can lead a parent to worry, get angry or feel like a failure, it’s important to […]

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Life After Addiction What To Do After Drugs Alcohol

Battling a drug or alcohol addiction and working your way through a recovery process can sometimes feel difficult, draining, and depressing. There can be times when former addicts are feeling discouraged or like there is nothing to look forward to in their life after recovery and treatment is through. Drug Alcohol Treatment Solutions understands that […]